Organic and Free Range: Why YOU Need to Care About Social Media!

Organic and Free Range: Why YOU Need to Care About Social Media!

Organic. Free Range. Buzz words? Sure. But do they matter to social media? More than you know!


This article matters because ultimately social media is about YOU! Because all of this interactivity is not just fun and games, it has changed our generation in dramatic ways.  For example think about how often you “leak” important news in your life onto your wall, or tweet, instead of meeting all you friends in person to share exciting news? New relationships, break ups, trips and vacations, funny memes, etc., are all shared, discussed and saved forever on this network. This system of life via digital scrapbooking, discussion and relationship, comprises what we all know as “social media” and it is here to stay! The question becomes; how do you personally use the platform of social media, and why?

2. Things change fast; however YOU can stay up to date!

We all know how fast technology changes.  It seems there is a new Apple product that I absolutely must have, released about every 15 minutes.  Social media can change just as quickly, and often we fight these changes and updates, but they come and transform the way we interact regardless.  Keep in mind, these changes cannot be stopped, its part of the natural evolution of social media.  What you should be looking for is trends in social media.  Where are all the innovators and thought leaders?   What are they using and what are they excited about?

These people are using the coolest new apps and programs, months and even years before they blow up on the mainstream. Follow closely to these people to know what is coming up next!

3. Social Media will be around for a while!

Social media will continue to become inextricable from our lives, whether at home or at work.  In many regards, social media is as significant, and as widely used as the proliferation of the internet and search engines.  Have I gone a bit too far in my comparison? Just tweet your friends to see what they think, and in doing so, help prove my point.  The masses already use SM, the corporate world is quickly catching up, and this number will continue to grow dramatically in the coming years.  Yes, social media is dynamic and it will continue to change as it grows.  Take the initiative to join the network(s) and then, just let it happen naturally!

What were the 3 organic free-range reasons I should care about SM?

  1. Social media really is about connecting YOU with the rest of the globe, it’s about being involved in the conversation!
  2. Social media is dynamic, it’s changing, and you should embrace that change for the better.  Use social media as a tool to enrich your life!
  3. Worst case you don’t care about social media yet.  That’s okay, because it’s not going anywhere. So that just leaves plenty of time for you to come around to it!



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  3. Petra L. says:

    I am a huge health nut and always paying attention to social media to find out which products only CLAIM to be organic and free range and which ones really are. I always depend on the people rather than the company’s claims.

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