Top SEO Trends for 2024

Top SEO Trends for 2024

What’s trends are new in SEO in 2024?  Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is a useful method to rank higher on search engines to get more visibility. More visibility means more traffic to your website. You can only achieve a higher ranking if you optimize properly. SEO is constantly evolving, so staying on top of the latest changes is crucial.

Top-ranking SEO performance requires you to pay attention to different metrics including backlinks, traffic, and social shares. This article gives you insights into some of the SEO trends that you can anticipate in 2021.

1. More Focus on Search Intent and E-A-T

When it comes to SEO trends, 2024 is the year to focus on the user and their search intent. This isn’t a new concept or trend, but every year it is necessary to refocus. The type of searcher, their search behavior, and the searcher’s intent change with time. Search behavior changed dramatically and rapidly during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In 2020,people wanted to learn new skills and hobbies because they were in seclusion. .

SEO professionals must transition from their traditional best practices. In addition to valuable research into search terms,   Google also considered intent. Algorithms are stronger and focusing on better understanding search intent.

Paying close attention to the search results gives a leg up in creating competitive content.  Google shows results that serve the intent of the user. Use this data to formulate your strategy. Start with the SEO basics and know that SERP analysis is an important practice in 2024 and the years to come.

One of the easiest strategies you can employ is E-A-T (Expertise-Authority-Trustworthy). Whatever content helps reassure your customers that you are Experts or an Authority in your space will go a long way to help them Trust and transact with you.

2. More Optimization for Voice Search Queries

As technology evolves, voice search has become more popular. Apple’s Siri, Google’s Assistant, and Amazon’s Alexa all make the technology of voice search a key component in search queries and their results. Studies show that 55% of households in the U.S. will own a smart speaker by the end of 2022.

So, SEO trends for 2024 point to the need for websites to optimize for voice search. They need to consider keywords and identify the longer phrases that people use. Voice searches are natural-sounding, longer phrases. When users type, they abbreviate. With voice search, it is different as they speak the full phrase..

3. More Need for Longer-Form Content

To get a better search ranking, focus on long-form content. According to the State of Content Marketing Report, articles with more than 3000 words get three times more traffic than shorter reads. These articles also achieve 3.5x more backlinks in comparison to articles with an average word length of 1000-1200 words, but  maintain quality. The primary aim is to provide users with shareable information that keeps them engaged.

To achieve this, break your content into different sections. This makes the content scannable. Subheadings are necessary, especially for mobile sites. You must link to authoritative and relevant sources that have a good authority score. Also, make your content easy to share by adding  sharing links close to the headline and at the conclusion for the readers to share with a quick click.

You can use different tools to optimize your content for search. These tools let you enter a query that you would like to rank for and recommend the content length, related keywords, and a detailed look at the top-ranking pages.

4. Featured Snippets are Going to Become More Prominent

Featured snippets were introduced in 2017 as a cut to gain prominence in Google. When you type a query into the search bar, you may notice a box with some information at the top, above the results. That is a snippet. They are very brief and get right to the point of what a webpage contains.

SEO trends for 2024 focus on companies getting a featured snippet at the top of the SERP.  Snippets are the real deal when it comes to stealing traffic from your competitors.

Snippets are nuggets of information, usually structured as bullet-points or Q&A. Some valuable snippets include star-based reviews, images, product prices, and similar details. To create snippets, concentrate on question-based searches and relevant keywords. Your virtual marketing department can help you with this.

5. A Complete SEO Strategy Requires Video

YouTube has more than 2 billion users every month. If you don’t create video content, it’s time to start. According to studies, video is taking over all forms of content when it comes to consumption.

The real question is, how can you optimize video content? You must optimize the video channel name and description. Be clear but don’t use too many keywords. Give a user-friendly overview of what the channel is about.

Beyond this, the keywords are still significant. For instance, if you optimize for YouTube, take inspiration from the auto-complete feature of the platform. Start typing the topic of the video and find out what comes up in the search field. This is a list of suggested keywords letting you know what people are searching for on YouTube.

Benefits of Implementing Tips from These Trends

  • Gain a better understanding of your users’ intent to create a great strategy.
  • Get more conversions by providing long tail keywords for voice searches.
  • Gain brand authority by offering more detailed and more relevant content.
  • Get featured snippets ranking at the top of the SERPs, before results.
  • Get more customer engagement through video optimization.

Use These Trends to Improve Conversions

SEO is more involved and complex each year. The days of optimizing meta titles and creating keyword meta tags are over. SEO trends for 2024 make you think about everything from intent, SEO to voice command searches, to video content.

No to the Quo has the tools and team in place to formulate the right SEO strategy for your business in 2024 and beyond. Let’s talk about how we can take your SEO to the next level in your free strategy session.


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