Pinterest: What’s the point of all this pinning?

Pinterest: What’s the point of all this pinning?

Everyone knows the saying: a picture is worth a thousand words. Maybe that’s why Pinterest has been so successful entering the social media whirlwind that had been controlled by Facebook and Twitter for so long.

Pinterest was initially a place where users could compile images as they saw them across the internet, like digital post it notes, but  has now captivated big name companies. For instance, Lowe’s (home improvement store) has grown to be one of the biggest followed brands on Pinterest. They focused their “boards” on subjects like “Grillin’ and Chillin” and “50 Projects for Under $50.” By doing this they showed users how to cook and create beautiful things and pointed them directly into their stores to get the materials to do so. And although Pinterest has a high percentage of women users, brands like Lowes have found that when women want projects completed, and they repin them on their boards, the men in their lives can find inspiration to complete the projects. Go figure.

The Today Show is another brand that has been owning the Pinterest angle. With over 23,000 pins and more than 1,600 followers, they are able to provide another stream of news and updates to their viewers. And by engaging their audience with photos and ideas, they can create more conversation around their news stories and their anchors.

Lastly, it is also helpful, with Pinterest becoming more popular among brands, to try and do something unique and eye catching, like Country Living. The magazine has taken it upon themselves to create custom board labels so that followers can see what they are going to click on instead of having to read it.

If you are looking to get started on Pinterest, here is a great read to learn more about how to use it and what it’s for:

Or let us know if you need someone from No to the Quo to manage your Pinterest account!

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