Your Story Is Everything

Your Story Is Everything

People are all about stories. Often the story behind something is more viewed and discussed than the “something” itself. 

Take the music industry as an example. While record sales (the product) define success, the artist’s story (you) is a key element in bringing about more record sales and building a permanent fan-base. Turn on MTV. There isn’t much exclusively musical activity going on, but there are a ton of stories about the industry’s wildest artists and what inspires them to create the things they create. 

As a business, you have the ability to tell the story that builds brand loyalty among your customers and inspires them on a deep level to keep coming back.

3 Actions You Can Take To Make Your Story Pop

1) Create your story in real-time

Your story shouldn’t be based on some philosophical ideas from the past, it should be happening on a very human level right now. Host events, post exciting news to social media religiously, and don’t be afraid to talk about your brand every chance you get. If you are caught up in an exciting story that is happening now, people will want to join the excitement. Let people see that your story is relevant now.

2) Allow your story to drive your business

These days when the rubber meets the road, story must be trusted as the driving force. Once again, look at the music industry. Most consumers want to look beyond the music to who makes the music. Beyond that, we want to know WHY. WHY did that artist write that song? What was happening? This story connects artists to life-long fans. That same “why” is a major factor in your customer’s loyalty to your brand. Allowing your customers to see the humanity behind the numbers, you’ve given them something they can identify with and talk about. 

3) Make your customer part of your story

Invite your customers into your story through social media and other connections. In this way, you not only invite customers to be aware of your story, but to become an integral part of it themselves. It feels good to be part of a good story. Make your business and story a place where people can feel at home. Use interactive apps on your social media platforms and website. Make it fun.

Numbers impress, but stories inspire 

Make sure your story is at the heart of your actions, and what you have to offer will connect with the hearts of your customers. 

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