21 of the Best FREE Social Media Resources for Marketing

21 of the Best FREE Social Media Resources for Marketing

It’s 2022 and online business is becoming more competitive than ever. Platforms, brands, demographics, and trends are shifting at a rapid pace, yet those most prepared to meet the challenge succeed despite it all! If you have passion, all you need is the right tools. That’s why we have collected 21 of the best FREE social media resources approved by the No to The Quo team.

Because audiences are living more through the digital world each day, companies evolve to take advantage of the potential space for marketing. Social media has long since become the face of most organizations. Luckily, there are tons of services available on the internet for helping business owners and marketers get the most out of their online presence.

So, let’s dive into 21 of the best FREE social media resources for marketing…

The Best Free Marketing Tools for Facebook 

Facebook Business Manager 

Facebook Business Manager is necessary for anyone doing business on Facebook. Free with a Facebook Business profile, this built-in site is for managing both Facebook and Instagram posts, messages, schedules, and much more. 

Facebook Timeline Contest 

Facebook Timeline Contest is a free tool from Agorapulse for running contests, giveaways, and other sweepstake-like events. From photo contests to quizzes, the options are endless and give you new lanes to engage your followers.

Headline Analyzer 

Regardless of how long or short, your post is, the first line needs to stand out when your followers are scrolling. Headline Analyzer by CoSchedule is a free tool to help write headlines.  This site bases its ratings on factors such as headline type, sentiment, immobility, character count, and more.


Bit.ly might be a familiar name due to its popularity as a link-shortening tool. While that is definitely enough to earn it a spot on this list alone, the service has more to offer. You can store, tag, and review different links from different campaigns to keep your traffic flow organized.

Free Marketing Tools and Resources for Instagram 

Instagram Insights 

Instagram Insights (available on the mobile app) is the easiest way to see analytics for Instagram. Free with an Instagram Business Account, this is an obvious choice for the smallest and largest operations using Instagram. 


Crowdfire is a unique tool that allows you to mass-follow the followers of your competitors. Because of the overlap in interests between the two audiences, there’s a high likelihood of their followers also following you. It’s free for one account, so don’t hesitate to give it a try!


As superficial as it may seem, the aesthetic of your page overall can give off a message to those browsing. Preview gives you the ability to see what your page will look like after uploading pictures in order, so you can decide if it looks visually pleasing enough. While it may not be the biggest priority, it’s worth it to “preview” the future of your feed.


GRIN is a searchable database of influencers on Instagram based on keywords. This speeds up the networking process between marketing teams and affiliate influencers. It also helps foster organic growth efficiently.

The Best Free Marketing Tools for Twitter


TweetDeck is the tried-and-true tool for scheduling tweets and allows you to have “feeds” pulled up for multiple accounts. This is great for marketers who need to multitask, as well as push posts out into the future. (There is still no option to schedule threads, much to our dismay).


RiteTag is a tool for generating keyword recommendations for text and images. Using real-time hashtag engagement analytics, you can know exactly what buttons to press with all the info at the tip of your finger, for free! You can also use it to compare different hashtags when brainstorming.


Followerwonk is another great tool for analytics. You can use this third-party Twitter client to view Social Authority Rankings and see your followers and their locations. This means you can have a deeper understanding of your account’s influence and reach your followers more meaningfully.

Social Bearing 

Social Bearing is an awesome resource. It is a website that provides free Twitter analytics and a robust search for tweets, timelines & Twitter maps. You can find, filter, and sort tweets or people. You can explore this data by engagement, influence, location, sentiment, and more.

Free Marketing Tools and Resources for Pinterest


Tailwind is one of the best pin scheduling tools for Pinterest. You can create posts, schedule them, and optimize tweakable options for better engagement. There is a free version where you can try out the features for one account, but paying for a higher plan unlocks much more capacity.


IFTTT is a collection of mini-apps for different purposes. You can sync new Instagram and WordPress posts to your Pinterest Boards, share YouTube videos on Pinterest, and back up all your pins to Google Drive! The free plan gets you 5 of the most-used apps.


Canva is a great tool for creating high-quality pin images (and other content for social media). It’s free forever and has a load of options and functionalities. Its ease of use and wide image library gives it a big advantage over other similar tools.


PinGroupie is useful for its ability to help you filter for and find relevant Pinterest boards for you. It is also able to integrate with some other third-party tools like Tailwind. This gives you a versatile view of what’s trending, and where.

The Best Free Marketing Tools for Blogging

Keyword Planner

Keyword Planner or a similar alternative is a must for anyone trying to market their blog efficiently. This tool helps bloggers select the best titles and keywords for SEO purposes. While anyone can learn how to do good keyword research, this supercharges the process!


Trello is an essential tool whether you’re trying to keep your own work organized or run a team. With this, you can get on top of task management easily and keep everyone on the same page. Set article due dates, assign projects, maintain message boards, and more.

Yoast SEO 

Yoast SEO is a handy plugin for checking the SEO effectiveness of your blog writing. It will keep track of things like external links, keyword frequency, subheadings, and more. The free version has plenty of functionality and will help you develop your SEO handiness while it keeps you in check.


Do you find yourself checking many different marketing tools and metrics, just to find direction for posts on one platform? Klipfolio is here to simplify the blogging process. This tool plugs in all your analytics and data from other resources into one spot. It’s great for speeding up the marketing workflow.

The Secret All-in-one Marketing Resource: N2Q

The N2Q Agency 

Sometimes the most effective course of action is finding a professional to help you along your journey to success. Whether you are just starting a venture online or growing a business you already run, No to The Quo is the key to revitalizing your marketing efforts. Inviting a talented agency on board will be the catalyst in bringing your vision to life. 

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