5 Factors that Affect Both PPC and SEO

5 Factors that Affect Both PPC and SEO

So, you plan to set up a Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign for your website and amplify it with good SEO? It’s important that you set up a campaign using the best possible strategies and features available to maximize your ROI and ROAS. 

Search engines offer call extensions, site links, structured snippets, and various other features for making the ad stand out from your competitors. Use them wisely to overcome your competitors. 

Even the best ad campaign, one that succeeded for a majority of companies in the same industry, might fail due to factors that are out of the campaign’s control. The external factors can at times negatively impact the search and paid strategy, if you don’t take them into consideration. 

Let’s take a look at these factors. 

Landing Pages and Website

Even though these are a part of the campaign, some business owners believe that whatever they have as the official website is enough, as long as the campaign is strong. However, this is a mistake, especially in a highly competitive market. 

The best PPC and SEO campaigns include a structured website. Website design plays a significant role in the search campaign’s success. Since you’re paying for the visitors, they need to be directed to a page with the best opportunity to drive conversations. 

Your website should include:

  • A Robust Call-to-Action: The website should have prominent buttons, phone numbers, and forms that lead the prospective customers to the desired outcome. These action buttons should be easy to find. 
  • Pleasant Design: The site has to look good. However, it doesn’t mean the platform has to be overly elaborate. At times, the simpler, the better. 
  • Mobile Optimized: With such an influx of mobile usage, it is crucial that the website is mobile compatible.


Truth be told, the influence of competition on your PPC and SEO strategy cannot be ignored. The competitive environment has a significant impact on your SEO and PPC campaign. 

It is important that you monitor the actions of your competitors and take actions accordingly. This can be to join or drop out on paid search auctions, increase or reduce your bid budgets, or bid more aggressively. At the same pace, you have to change the PPC and SEO strategy each time your competitors run out of budget. It is a clue to bid and have your ads all over prior to furnishing the ad words account. The success of the campaign depends on how well you are responding to the competitors and making the most of it. 

Online Reputation

The good thing about the search engine market is that businesses are visible to prospective customers far along the business cycle. Users have come to understand how to use search engines when they look for something or intend to buy it at some point. 

For general industry keywords, they search and judge the companies on the basis of the website and its offers. Thereafter, they narrow down the search to a few companies and search for reviews on the company. 

If the company has been condemned on the internet, searchers drop it from their list. The result is worse if the company doesn’t have a PPC campaign running. 

Time of the Month

The time of the month can negatively or positively influence the success of PPC and SEO strategy for your business. Some marketers reported an increase in traffic at the end of the month. This might be because people paid their bills and have a disposable income to spend or might have received their paycheck already. 

No matter what is the reason for the increase in traffic, it makes sense to improve your PPC ads or bids budget at the time of the month when you see increased traffic. For this, you have to track your website traffic. 

Seasonal Changes

Seasonal changes affect the consumer behavior and search terms for a particular season. Throughout the year, your customers will have some season where they want to spend more money, whereas some seasons they simply won’t. Therefore, target the marketing system in such a way that it enhances your relevant search terms at a particular season. For instance, businesses catering to a holiday crowd need to start their SEO strategy early so they can be highly indexed on relevant search terms at  holiday time.

At the same time, businesses using PPC strategy implement them in real-time during the holidays itself. It helps them reach the same target audience as those with an SEO strategy. The whole idea is to make the most out of the PPC campaign and improve conversions. 

Therefore, changes in weather can influence your campaign. The customer’s buying habits are influenced by changes in weather. For example, if you are selling jackets and winter essentials, it is better to increase paid search bids during winter and not during summer. 

When you take all these into account while formulating your strategy for paid-per-click ad and search engine optimizations, it will positively affect your business. 

Bottom Line

To have a strong SEO and PPC campaign, you need experience of success and technical skills. You have to ensure that your campaigns are set up for success. Knowing the factors that can affect your paid search performance will help in understanding how you can address them. 

If your PPC campaigns aren’t performing at the highest possible level, you might be forgetting some factors that can affect their success. Some factors are obvious, while others can lead to hidden performance that holds back the ultimate performance. It is crucial that you address the problem and work on your campaign.

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