5 Tips for Planning Your Next Digital Marketing Campaign

5 Tips for Planning Your Next Digital Marketing Campaign

Advertising has come a long way in the past decade or so. From flyers to billboards, we are now seeing a vast improvement in the way information is being directed towards potential customers, and many companies are now investing in new technologies to increase brand recognition and get a much wider market. Digital marketing is a very fickle creature, however, and doing things that wrong way will do more harm than good. Here are some tips on how you can better plan out your next digital marketing campaign.

Use Social Media

Almost anyone, regardless of demographics, has a social media account or two to their name. This provides marketers with a much bigger channel for advertising purposes, and the possibilities of growing that marketing network through social media is something that must be tapped to its full potential. That is why many companies now have their own Facebook or Twitter fan pages to provide a more interactive medium between them and their target audience. YouTube is also a very powerful tool to provide information in a global sense, allowing companies to reach people far more effectively than any other type of advertising media.

Search Engine Optimization

Any company that would seriously want to improve their recognition should look into SEO to boost their popularity online. Through SEO, they can exploit search engine algorithms so that Internet users looking for a specific product or service will easily get connected to your site. For this reason, many businesses are investing in producing viable content and links that will help in increasing traffic and improving their online rankings.

Go Mobile

It is predicted that many people would be using mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets to access the Internet than computers, which is why advertisers are now looking towards these channels to advertise. From creating apps to mobile versions of their sites, they would be able to tap into a young but very lucrative channel that is on its way up when it comes to growth in the coming years. People need only look at the billions earned by Facebook in advertising revenue in order to see this trend quickly becoming a reality.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing can play a very significant role in further improving brand recognition. By hiring affiliates, you are essentially hiring a team of anonymous but very significant entities that will help you promote your brand. Costs are also very justifiable as most of these are paid on a commission or on a pay-per-click basis. Google AdWords is a perfect example of affiliate marketing under a pay-per-click model, and is a very non-invasive way to advertise as it is only shown to those who are already visiting sites related to the particular product, service, or information.

Don’t Forget the Basics

Of course, it is very essential to know your product as well as your market. Design your campaigns specifically for your intended purpose, and use content appropriate for the material as well as for your target audience. It’s very easy to post content, but knowing as to whether this will have a positive or negative impact to your audience is something that must be foreseen as early as the planning stage. Also, don’t overdo your campaigns through spamming, and only launch your campaign once it has been screened and approved by a test audience to guarantee success.


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