9 Quick and Dirty to Save Time on Social Media Marketing

9 Quick and Dirty to Save Time on Social Media Marketing

Most marketers agree that social media is one of the best platforms for targeting your audience and getting results, but the upkeep and maintenance can suck up quite a bit of time. Especially when you’re maintaining 5+ channels on the daily. Use these tips to avoid being like the chick above who’s always buried in their phone!


These 9 time-saving tips can help you to up your social media marketing game while ensuring that the time sink involved will be kept to a minimum.


  1. Automate whatever processes that you can

Using software like Buffer or Hootsuite to schedule your updates can automate up to two-thirds of your social media marketing efforts. That’s a lot of saved time!


  1. Create a specific plan

Work out a detailed plan of what it is that you are hoping to achieve with your social media efforts, put it in writing, and stick to it to cut back on wasted time.


  1. Watch your time

Studies have shown that productivity begins to slow after the 30-minute mark. Avoid this problem when working on your social networks by setting a free online timer such as Toggl.


  1. Become a social media curator

Finding and sharing relevant and interesting content from other users not only keeps things diverse and fresh but also cuts back on the time that you spend creating content yourself. Try sharing your audience’s images/posts!


  1. Keep track of mentions

You should keep an eye out for any time that you are mentioned on social media, as knowing what folks are saying about you in the social sphere will provide valuable lead generation data.


  1. Schedule regular data analyzing sessions

While knowing your data is vital to success, spending too much time crunching numbers and running reports can do more harm than good. Schedule weekly or even monthly data review sessions.


  1. Cut back on posting frequency

You may be able to get away with fewer updates without losing any follower engagement, which will save you time and effort. Try cutting your posting frequency by 20% to 50% and see what the data reflects, keeping an eye on engagement figures.


  1. Ditch platforms that aren’t performing

Your data will tell you which social media network is getting the best response for you, and if it seems as if the others aren’t doing you any favors, ditch them. Don’t be afraid to cut the fat!


  1. Consider republishing content

If you have content that has gotten a great response from your followers, consider reposting it at other times of the day (morning vs. evening) to make sure that it reaches everyone. Also be sure to use various content across multiple platforms to maximize it’s exposure!


Social media marketing can be your best friend or your worst enemy if it is sucking up too much of your time. Don’t be the guy who always has their nose in their phone 24/7! Remember to “work smarter, not harder” with these 9 quick and dirty tips!

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