Digital Marketing Tips – Three Things You Can Do for Your Business Right Now for Free

Digital Marketing Tips – Three Things You Can Do for Your Business Right Now for Free

There are things you can be doing for your business that will boost your digital marketing efforts without costing you anything. Now is the perfect time to do some clean-ups, re-vamps, and upgrades. A little time and know-how are all you need.


#1 – Give Your Website a Quick Makeover

It may not be realistic to invest in a brand-new, professionally designed website right now. That should not stop you though. You can get a jump-start by making 3 simple changes yourself.

  • Give your home page a lift with new pics. Something as simple as updating the image or images on your home page will give your site a fresh breath of new life. It helps with your digital marketing too. Frequent visitors will notice the change and new visitors will get a fresh experience.
  • Update the text, too. Has your business grown or are you offering new products or services since your homepage text was last updated? This should be reflected in the text of your home page. Even small updates can make a big impact.
  • Add a few FAQs. Think of your last few calls from potential clients. Did they have questions that were not answered on your website? Update your Frequently Asked Questions page with these questions and answers. The more information you can give a potential customer, the more authoritative your brand becomes.

These quick and easy updates support your digital marketing by keeping your website current and fresh-looking at all times. The best part is, they won’t cost a thing.


#2 – Enhance Your Site Speed

Your website speed is very important to your digital marketing. Statistically speaking, if it takes longer than 5 seconds for your website to load, you’re losing 70% or more of your web traffic every month. People are impatient and they want instant results. When websites load slowly, potential customers will “bounce” off of your website to go find your competitors.

What’s worse is that Google penalizes sites that take more than 5 seconds to load. Their priority is to provide the most relevant and authoritative search results. Slow-loading websites aren’t relevant, so they’ll bury you.

There are two free tools you can use to check your site’s speed: GTMetrix and Google Developer Insights. Both of these tools will scan your website, see what’s slowing it down, and give recommendations to fix any errors.

Enhancing the speed or fixing any errors may require a little technical work. You may need to understand the code for some of the advanced recommendations. But don’t be afraid. Google is your best friend.  There are lots of articles that can walk you through the steps it takes to enhance or repair your website’s speed.

Spending time and money on digital marketing only to point to a slow-moving site is counter-productive. A fast-serving website will help to make sure your digital marketing isn’t in vain.


#3 – Create and Optimize Your Content

There is nothing that supports digital marketing more than first-page rankings on search engines. Google likes to show websites that have a lot of relevant, useful content on their first page results. For search engines, there is no such thing as too much content. Now is a great time to add more.

Here are a few suggestions for new content you can add to your website:

👉 Create a new course. Write a course on something you are an expert in and publish it on your website. Depending on the topic and length, you may be able to monetize on it!

👉 Start an email campaign. Offer a promotion or provide ways customers can find relief using your company during this crisis.

👉 Optimize the content already on your site. Internal linking and/or rewriting older pages is a quick way to make old content new again. Simply take your older content (1 year or more) and refresh it. Add innovations or findings that have occurred since the content was written. Add internal anchor text to other useful pages within your website.

👉 Reach out to businesses in your network and partner together. Share content through each other’s websites and digital marketing. For example, if you are a florist, create a partnership with a local candy shop to offer a dual promotion on your website offering and flowers for an upcoming holiday.

👉 Plan a virtual event and host it from your website. “Zoom parties” are free for 30 minutes for unlimited attendees. This is a great way to use digital marketing to drive traffic to your website. Virtual events can be informative or fun, but either way, they are free.


Get More Digital Marketing Tips

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