Is YouTube Social Media: The Value of Video

Is YouTube Social Media: The Value of Video

Social media is a powerful tool in digital marketing and can definitively impact your bottom line. When most people think of a social media platform, they consider Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, but don’t consider YouTube.

The days of YouTube primarily being an outlet for teens trying the latest Internet challenge or streaming hours of Fortnight are over. It’s a vehicle to expand your brand, show your expertise and bring traffic to your site.

We’ll examine the importance of video in your digital marketing and why YouTube is just as much about social media as it is about cat videos.

YouTube As Social Media

What is the value of video platforms like YouTube for your online or brick-and-mortar business? Contrary to popular belief, YouTube is a social media site. When you upload a video, people watch it, comment, share and subscribe to your channel.

You interact with your fans and subscribers through the content and comments, developing a relationship and expanding your brand awareness. Many businesses consider YouTube to be a place for teens or not a viable option for digital marketing but discounting the power of video drags down your overall marketing plan and potential for traffic.

In 2006, Google purchased YouTube and it’s a powerful destination for top search results. How many times when you input a search query does it show videos from platforms like YouTube not only in the search results but also in a section designated for videos?

You can provide search queries just for videos. While it’s true that other platforms include videos such as Instagram and Facebook, YouTube is still Google’s go-to for search. They can even be optimized for SEO.

The types of videos you create, and share depends on your business and audience.

The Power of Video for Digital Marketing

Ok, so No To The Quo, your virtual marketing department, convinced you that YouTube and videos are a great idea, but why? What makes video a good idea?

If you’ve checked your feeds on various platforms, you notice a prevalence of videos. Algorithms understand that videos have higher than average engagement than other forms of media. If you want your Facebook update to reach people, which is hard these days, then include a video that you made.

Google loves evergreen content because it’s useful today and a year from now. The same goes for videos. If you create videos that stand the test of time, then they shows up in feeds for months or even years after the creation date.

The target audiences for many businesses are in the Millennial and Gen Z categories and video is their preferred medium. Unlike Gen X, Millennials and Gen Z grew up with portable online videos. They were watching crazy cat videos long before their parents did.

As adults, 50 percent of Millennials said they can’t live without video in their daily life and Gen Z grew up with YouTube as their primary method of entertainment.

Video Is a Versatile Media

The key to creating content for businesses is to repurpose it as much as possible. If you create an eBook, then repurpose it as a series of blog posts. Make blog posts into social media posts and infographics.

You can also turn these into videos on YouTube. Once you create the video, nothing stops you from using it on several different sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

What Types of Video Content to Create?

One of the biggest concerns businesses have about video is what kind of content to create. They see countless videos of milk crate challenges and don’t think that’s something they want to do. We don’t blame you and No To The Quo, your virtual digital marketing company, doesn’t do that either.

First, examine what your business does and the audience you want to connect with. Today’s consumers love how-to videos on everything from flower arranging to fix washing machines. How-to videos are crazy popular and don’t require a big budget to do them.

Informational videos that answer people’s questions and provide education are also popular. If you’re at an event or on a job site, why not create a live video and give people a glimpse of your daily life. This helps give your business a personality and connect with your viewers.

Developing behind-the-scenes videos of your business also helps engage viewers and show your business as caring about the consumer.

What About Cost of Video Content?

The cost of video content and production is where most businesses balk at the idea. We understand that on the surface it looks like a daunting and expensive task. The good news is you don’t need an Avengers: End Game quality video…although if you can get Robert Downey Jr. to be in your video, go for it.

Live video streams are designed to be a little chaotic and messy. It’s live and anything happens, which is one of their biggest draws. How-to videos can also be inexpensive because you just need a camera phone, shoot the procedure and do a little editing.

Informational videos and commercial quality videos often require more budget, but these can create traffic and engagement for years. They’re worth the cost.

While you don’t need to spend an arm and a leg, they must be of good quality including professional editing and high-quality video.

Choose the Proper Video Platforms

Instagram and TikTok aren’t designed for long-form video content like YouTube. You can have an hour-long how-to video on YouTube, but TikTok videos are short and impactful. You need to pack a lot of info in those short videos.

Before creating videos, consider your audience and which platforms are best for your videos. You can shorten your videos to fit other platforms if necessary. Also, don’t be afraid to be funny and create videos that do more than just promote your business.

Video Is Here to Stay

Today’s businesses need to embrace video content because it’s getting more popular every year. Social media platforms purposely change their algorithms to make it harder for businesses to connect with existing and new followers.

Increase your chances by including high-quality video content that is searchable, engages the customer, or provides the information they need.

If you want to learn more about the importance of video, then please contact your virtual marketing agency, No To The Quo today.

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