Philosophy Check

Philosophy Check

Straight from the mind of Captain Obvious: to connect with your target demographic, you have to be in touch with what they want. This is especially true with millennials because of their absolute embrace of technology and devices that give them the information and entertainment they want whenever they want it. What they want online, they will find it, and quickly. What are you doing to be the most accessible and relevant online solution for your industry?

Serve The Needs Of Your Target Demographic

Consider this discussion as accountability for your business philosophy. Are you creating a product or service that is something that you think is a great idea, or are you looking at your demographic and creating something in response to what they love and want? The first mindset is hit-and-miss, the second concept has much better potential for success. Even better if you can project what your target demographic will want tomorrow, but I digress.  

Although you need to do your research for any generational group you’re targeting, we’ll talk mostly about millennials since technology propels their trends to change almost daily. They are basically taking over the world. Millennials were/are the first generational group to grow up with computers in the their homes. Young millennials are becoming bored with TV advertising, often being annoyed by overt TV commercials and choosing to pay more attention to targeted ads that precede their favorite viral videos on their favorite video page online. There it is again, they choose to go to information and entertainment sources that provide more directly what the consumer wants.  

Have a conversation with a kid born in the early 2000’s who pays attention to current events. If you don’t have your facts straight, you better whip out the smartphone first, because anything you say can be fact-checked in a matter of seconds. 

A Few Broad Questions

Your brand can stay on top of this millennial freight train, just make sure you’re always asking yourself a few key questions.

1) Who is my demographic? 

2) What do they want? 

3) Am I focused more on being a solution for my demographic, or am I recycling strategies simply because it worked yesterday?

If the answer to the last question made you hang your head in shame, never fear. You don’t need to walk on eggshells in your marketing and strategy. Do your research, provide great content appropriate for your demographic, be authentic and to the point, and connect emotionally with your audience. Make your brand relevant, and repurpose (if need be) your content and marketing to face a modern world that is craving anything authentic and true.

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