How to Use Social Media to Bring More Customers Into Your Restaurant

How to Use Social Media to Bring More Customers Into Your Restaurant

The uses of social media are proven to be broad and far-reaching. There is no industry that does not seem to benefit from social media use. The key, however, is wisdom. Knowing how to employ the strengths of the available tools leads to engagement and foot traffic into your business. Restaurants are no exception. Check out these tips to help you get started:

Remember Your Customer

Marketing 101 teaches that business owners must know their target audience. This tip remains true in the social media world. While the odds are that someone out of the billions of social media users will connect with you, those chances dramatically increase when you know who to create your content for.

If you create content focused on your target audience’s needs and desires, they are more likely to interact with it.

Reveal Your Human Side

This world is automated and, at times, cold. Customer service auto-voices and digital options leave us feeling lonely. Successful social media campaigns keep this in mind. Highlight your staff in action. Catch them smiling and serving joyfully. Make your restaurant seem warm and inviting, this will entice customers to stop in. 

Monitor Social Media Presence

A weak  social media presence hurts your business more than no presence at all. Be sure to monitor continually and update your strategy. Use reviews and community talk to gauge what needs to change or stay the same. Share discounts, coupons, news accolades and more to draw customers. If you plan and implement strong social media strategies, you will reap the benefits through foot traffic and sales.

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