5 Practical Tips To Find a Job With Social Media

5 Practical Tips To Find a Job With Social Media

The Internet is a very powerful communication tool, but social media is no longer just about posting your latest vacation photos or connecting with friends. You can find a job with social media- in fact, sites like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram have opened up a whole new world of opportunity when it comes to employment. In fact, many human resources personnel are now scouring these sites in order to find potential candidates for their vacancies. These are practical tips to finding a job with social media so that you can gain an advantage over others who are looking for the same positions as you.

1.) Create a LinkedIn Account:

LinkedIn is one of the most popular professional social network sites out there today. This site focuses more on connecting professionals rather than on a more personal level. Here, you will be able to connect with different people from the industry, and making sure that you update your resume and other credentials will further increase your chances within the industry. Of course, being active is very important, and adding more people to your network will help in spreading your name out there, and will further increase the chances of your name reaching potential employer who are looking for your specific abilities.

2.) Follow Your Dream Company:

Most companies now have social accounts as well. Following them will make sure that you will be kept up to date for any vacancies that they will have, and this will also help you know more about the company that you want to get into. Applicants who know a lot about the company will score high points in the interview process, and being connected to your company via your social media accounts will greatly increase your chances in getting considered for the position that you desire.


3.) Build Your Portfolio:

Only so much can be written down on your resume. Thus, it is recommended that you build a portfolio online and reference these sites within your social media account. With this, companies who are considering you for the position will have more material to go around if you are able to provide them with links of your past works. These can be your private materials or work that you have done in the past for previous clients, although it is important to ask for the explicit permission from clients if you would like to publicize your work of the latter nature.

4.) Create a Professional Brand:

Social media is a very public channel, and it’s very easy for embarrassing information to be available online. This, unfortunately, will greatly hurt your chances of getting hired, even if the material involved is not for their eyes. Thus, it is essential to use proper decorum when posting content in your account, and to have the proper security settings if you want certain people from not seeing select information. Also, make sure that your public posts are professional in nature, as you have to always remember that everything that you put as public can be used both in your favor, as well as against you.

5.) Post about Your Intent:

If you are serious looking for a job and would like to use social media to help you with this, then post it online. Use hashtags to help increase your chances of getting noticed, and include all relevant information on why you are the perfect candidate for the position that you are looking for. Other types of content such as video resumes will also help out a lot, as well as the aforementioned links to your past works. You can share your online profile and resumes with other people within your network, and this will greatly help in your profile reaching the right eyes.


With these tips, you can definitely increase your chances of getting the job of your dreams. Oftentimes, jobs will be the ones looking for you rather than the other way around, and it would be best if all information that they can find about you is appealing to them. Getting your achievements out there is the best way to get noticed and to stand out from the pack, so make sure that you are able to put your best foot forward and to look like the best candidate for the job.

While social media is still focused towards connecting with friends and loved ones, it is also very important to know that all information that you include here can be accessed by businesses that will be looking for the best person to bolster their workforce. As such, it is essential that the content that they actually see will be the ones that they desire in someone that they would like to hire. With that, show only what you want them to see, and reserve things like dirty jokes or bikini pictures for those where such content are relevant, as they won’t do anything but hurt your chances of a successful job hunt.





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